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The Predicament

On Target Drones, specialists in aerial drone recovery services, faced a perplexing issue. Despite their active Google Ads campaigns, they were not generating any leads. Their aspiration was not just to gain online visibility but to ascend to the top ranks in search engine result pages (SERPs), thereby boosting their business substantially.

The Resolution

To navigate this challenge, I conducted a comprehensive site audit, SEO and PPC audit, and a competitor analysis.

Through a SWOT analysis for On Target Drones and two of their main competitors, we were able to determine what their competitors were currently doing, where they currently stood in SERPs, and the best “low hanging fruit” opportunities.

The digital marketing plan was further enriched with in-depth keyword research, pinpointing their current search rankings, and a pragmatic action plan for enhancing those rankings independently. Embracing a consultant’s role, I equipped them with the strategy and insights necessary for self-implementation.

Simultaneously, I revamped their Google Ads campaign, infusing it with compelling new ad copy and visually engaging assets.

The Results

The transformation was swift and striking. On Target Drones experienced an immediate surge in calls generated from their refined Google Ads, with a 5.24% CTR. This influx of queries rapidly converted into tangible business growth and customer acquisition. Remarkably, within just one month, they not only began to generate leads but also garnered five 5-star reviews from their delighted customers, a testament to the quality of their service amplified by our strategic digital marketing efforts.

Ad Performance charts for On Target Drones

Full Strategy

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