Digital Strategy

Reached #1 in Google for targeted keyword Yard Ramps

Increased organic search traffic by 46.47% and increased the client’s monthly leads.

#1 google ranking results

The Challenge

This Client had a highly competitive competitor ranking for one of their main targeted keywords. Both my client and their competitor continued to bounce between positions 2-3. When my client would reach 2, the competitor would up their strategy, resulting in pushing my client back to 3.

Target keyword visibility
Keyword overview of targeted keyword

The Solution

Taking their SEO budget from only $500/month to $10,000/month, we added freshly optimized content to their site twice a week. This was done through on-page optimization, SEO content writing, proper white hat promotional tactics, off-page SEO like backlinking, and continually updating their technical SEO.

The Results

The Client was able to outrank their competitor through continued ongoing SEO work on and off their site. Reaching #1 in Google for their target keyword within 6 months.

Which resulted in their organic search traffic increasing by 46.47%. Their total site traffic for that year increased by 13.32% compared to the following year.

Increased Traffic
Google Position
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