Digital Strategy

Increasing Visibility For Client’s Website With A Long Term SEO Strategy

118.85% organic traffic increase for off-season month compared to previous year.

Organic Traffic results while increasing visibility for client

The Challenge

This Client had a very seasonal clientele that they wanted to expand into all year round by engaging in active marketing. The goal was to increase their winter clientele by marketing their off-season services.

The Solution

To increase sales during their expected slow season, we began tailoring their SEO strategy towards their off-season services 3 months before the off-season hit. We not only added more content to their site but thoroughly optimized the content already present.

With this thorough and committed SEO strategy, we were able to keep their business busy, even through their slow season. This Client had their clients booking, back to back, 9-12 weeks in advance.

The Results

With frequent content updates and ongoing SEO services, their organic search traffic increased by 118.85% within a year. For their off-season month compared to the previous year’s off-season month.

Organic Traffic Increase
Organic traffic trend while increasing visibility for client