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What are Resume Cookies?

After endless job applications and continuously being turned down. I came up with an outside-the-box creative resume that showcased my passion, creativity and dedication to my career. And landed my first internship.

Thinking Outside the Box

After months of job hunting for the internship that would start my marketing career, I was continually being told I lacked the experience needed for the entry-level positions. I needed something to help my resume stand out and that outlined my outside-the-box thinking.

Who doesn’t love cookies?

Inspired by my love for crafting and everyone’s love for food in their tummies, I landed on the idea to make creative resume cookies. I baked homemade sugar cookies with homemade white icing. I choose to make icing that would harden so that it wouldn’t get smooshed in the packaging and make a mess. After baking and icing 4 dozen cookies I began wrapping them. Once individually packed, I went through and hand-decorated each wrapper. Highlighting my skills and experience one at a time.

  • Introduction Cookie
  • Marketer Cookie
  • Photographer Cookie
  • Storyteller Cookie
  • Passionate Cookie
  • Creative Cookie
  • Google Analytics Cookie
  • Google Ads Cookie
  • Adobe Creative Suite Cookie
  • Microsoft Office Cookie
  • Curious Cookie
  • Team Player Cookie

When my creative resume cookies were complete, I hand delivered them to the agencies and their teams that I had hoped to join. In the end, my hard work and creativity paid off. ADVAN Design welcomed me to their team and never let the memory of my creative resume cookies die.

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