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How an Active Blog Can Improve Site Sales and Conversions

Blogging is a way to share ideas, thoughts and information. Blogging builds trust and credibility, as people get to know your company, you gain their trust and so they can look at you as an expert.

Does blogging help SEO?

Having an active blog is a must-have tool in the toolbox of any business seeking long-term success. With blog posts, you can showcase what you know, and how your company can use this knowledge to help others. The reasons for this demand include establishing your business as trustworthy before the customer has even given you their business.

Increase Sales with an Active Blog

Increase Your Small Business Sales with Blogging

1. Free Traffic

Blogs attract free, targeted traffic. Building a good, strong reputation on the Internet is important to any business.

2. Build Long Lasting Relationships

Establish long-term relationships and trust with your visitors. The best way to do that is to engage in a conversation with them.

Write posts that hold interest for your audience and give them the opportunity to leave comments. This allows people to find your blog, start a conversation with you, and build a long-lasting relationship.

3. Educate your audience.

Blogs give your target audience one opportunity to learn about your products and services. Blogs are an excellent source of information.

A blog is a great opportunity to provide tips, tricks, advice, and details on subjects relating to your business.

How Blogging Can Help Your SEO

1. Blogging allows you to showcase CTAs

Not only can you showcase products and services, but it gives you the opportunity to calls-to-action (CTAs) that convert into leads.

The sidebar of your could display calls-to-action that direct readers of your blog to a landing page, product, or offer, so that they’re visible on every blog. You could also get more specific by aligning related CTAs with the specific content you’re writing and place CTAs in your text, in the end, or as pop-ups.

2. Blogging gives you the opportunity to repurpose content.

Repurposed content is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. Repurposed blog post content can also be distributed and picked up by other websites. Taking content and transforming it into other forms will require you to do more work with less content work.

It keeps valuable information available and visible to your visitors.

Repurposed content can also be shared on social media. Every time you create a new article, you’re creating content that people can share on social networks — Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest — which helps expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet.

3. Blogging helps with link building.

Inbound links or backlinks are one of the factors Google considers when ranking a site on its search engine result page. You are more likely to gain links when you create articles that are useful to your potential customers as well as to other companies that your audience perceives as industry leaders.

A link from an authoritative website implies a stamp of approval or recommendation. Google is also signaled that your business is trustworthy and that you are an industry expert.

Which in turn, also helps you build your domain authority, improve your overall SEO.

Pre-Selling with Blogging

The Internet is an ever-changing medium. You have to remain on the cutting edge of your field on a constant basis. New innovations and technologies emerge. The need to know about those new things is a way to stay current with changes and what the big players are not mentioning. (i.e. Social Media) With a blog you can do just that. It is a way of pre-selling.

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